Hinky Week

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Apr 4, 2017

I just got off of a week of on call.  It tends to be very stressful, even if no calls come in during the night.  The possibility keeps you from sleeping too deeply.  Many a past quit has died on the shores of the on call week.  Never during the week, but before, fearful of the upcoming stress.

I laugh at that now.

I smoked because of Upcoming stress.

Darn it, I was a sucker.  It was one of the many games my addicted brain would play to get me back on nicotine.

But I made it through the stress.  And yes, there was stress.  But I survived.  And I survived without nicotine.

And yes, the urges are still there, not real strong, but there.  But my comfortably and knowing I can resist them make the week calmer. I still do not feel normal.  That will take time, I know.  But I do not feel the need to smoke.  

I just have felt kind of Hinky all week.

And joyfully happy at being smoke free!!!!