Heck or Hell

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Mar 29, 2017

This week, like last week, has had good days and bad days.  Some urges are harder, some not.  The brain seems to be improving, then it falls apart again. A fun little roller coaster, this quit is.  So lets review what we know about Greg's final quit so far:

1. I have save over $120 just in cigs.  That doesn't count the extra stuff I always bought when getting cigs, like my Cherry Coke.

2. People really like little piglets.

3.Deep breathes are real important.  I do that a lot.  It feels good.

4. Stop the brain from trying to talk me into naughty thoughts. Shaking my head helps the most.

5.This group is the best.

6. Stay away from Pineapple upside down cake.

7.My triggers don't include coffee or alcohol.  My coffee usage has doubled, and I have had a beer or wine with no trigger action.

8. My sense of smell is improving.  I have had to increase my showers to once a week to deal with it.

9. While I am quitting for myself, and not my wife, I am happy that I can do this for her too.

10. Interacting with other Marchers (People who quit this March, like I did) helps at times because they are here with me.  Other times, the elders help more.


Just a few thoughts going through my head.