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Blog Post created by green1611 on Jan 9, 2020

New Joiners ...

1) Avoid overthinking ...what ever thoughts come to your mind about quitting, try to write down, and leave them there.


2) Be positive and calm.


3) Call for help from family members, friends, Ex Smoker site


4) Do not forget why you wanted to quit !  

    (Write down yourself three reasons and keep those in car, office or workplace, home, your mobile note pad.)


5) Eat well, take enough rest, and express yourself.


6) Future is for worry about future without cigarette.


7) Go out for walk (or indoor walking), believe it helps brain to sustain nicotine absence.


8) Hesitate to touch cigarette, Hesitate going to old smoking places, Hesitate participating boozing parties.


9) Introspect - observe your own mental and emotional process


 Above I suggest based on my experience of quitting....


All the best new joiners......