Still Poison Free

Blog Post created by gardenancy8 on Dec 13, 2017

Hi everyone!   I am still poison free, thank you for checking up on me!  Life has thrown me a very very difficult situation, I am still in shock, but I will continue to move forward.  Through it all I never even thought of having the poison.  It wasn't  until weeks in this situation  that I thought " oh wow, I didn't even crave or get triggered to have one "   Which is absolutely fantastic!  I don't need that crap on top of everything that I am going through!   So to all you new quitters, keep it up, keep going one minute and one day at a time. It will get easier I PROMISE!    Read everything on here you can, and keep reading for weeks and weeks and months.  This site is your new best friend and all the elders are earthly angels in my book, they will get you through each difficult moment.  This is my first and last quit!