Blog Post created by gardenancy8 on May 14, 2017

I was sitting here thinking tonight how my in my State of Oregon, you're not allowed to smoke very many places anymore!  Of course we have the no smoking in restaurants and bars, I think everywhere has that by now. Here you cannot smoke at playgrounds or even next to them. Some parts of the downtown area are getting ready to put the ban there also.  State parks also have bans!  And in 2013 the law passed that it was illegal to smoke in a car with a child/children in it, 250 dollar fine the first time.  Now I have been to Cities/towns that don't have bans, and they are very littered with cigarette butts everywhere, it's gross.  And the reason is usually because the City doesn't want to put ashtrays out, because they don't want to encourage smoking.  Well either put a ban or place ashtrays around, because smokers will smoke if they are allowed.   But even when I was a smoker, the bans didn't bother me none, I never liked smoking away from my house anyways. I didn't like it when my smoke would bother non smokers, it really made me feel bad.  I think the more bans Cities put up, the more people are going to start thinking about quitting.  There was one time I stood in line for the Black Friday sales, and I knew I was going to want a smoke ( we were there for a long time. lol) , but out of say 700 people, there was only like a dozen of us who smoked, because we would all have to walk to the parking lot away from all the people.  It was times like that, that really made me look at myself and that I needed to do something about it.  So how is it where you live?  Lots of smokers? Any bans?