Doing this: For Me

Blog Post created by fmorris on Jul 20, 2018

One week ago on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, was my quit date. I've been okay with the nicotine gum & patches, smoking coach & stress remedies in place. My boyfriend & I got into a heated disagreement the night day before it would be a week that I hadn't smoked. 

I didn't like his tone of voice regarding something so minuscule. I almost slipped. I was on my way out of the door until he stopped me from going to buy cigarettes. I realized that I can not allow stress to determine my actions. I do not want to smoke anymore.

I have made a promise to myself, if I can not handle "relationship stress" during this process then, perhaps that should of gotten tossed in the garbage along with the last of my cigarettes & lighter.

I don't need to have any excuses for wanting to light u. Nor to I need to give an excuse for wanting to light up. What I do need is a compassionate Man who is compassionate all the time. Not just on the "good days". Especially being that he is an ex-Smoker. What I need is to keep first & foremost in my mind is that I want to live a longer, healthier, happier life.

I believe the smoke has cleared....