First Entry | Day 14 on Chantix

Blog Post created by epchicago on Jan 13, 2018

Day 14 : Chantix


Today is my day 14 on Chantix and first time ever writing on here. I have read some postings but remained passive for the most part. 


I set my quit date to be January 16th but haven’t had a cigarette in about 4 days. The urge comes when I have coffee or drink.  But Chantix I think is making me not want to drink as much either. Since the 16th is my quit date I almost feel like having a cigarette as a symbolic gesture of my last cigarette. But at the same time I feel like it would have been a week since I’ve smoked and I feel good. What do you think? 


As far as the Chantix I was prescribed it a year ago and didn’t take it out of fear. Everything I’ve read scared me. And I have to work with people and be upbeat and conversational and what I read about mood changes turned me off. I couldn’t afford to go through that. 


So on day 14 and I DID have a mood change. But for the positive.  I feel like Chantix is giving me so much energy. I’ve been trying to eat well and working out frequently. And I don’t mean just lifting weights but taking a longer route to work or just walking around the park. This has helped a lot with the nausea. I recommend eating something half an hour before taking the pill and a full glass of water. In the morning I have a banana while making coffee and then I make oatmeal add a scoop of peanut butter with blue berries a dash of cinnamon powder and a bit of milk. Trying to cut on the sugar too. Hey if I’m going to quit smoking why not do it all.  


I do believe you can’t give up an addiction without substituting it for something else. So I’m substituting it for something positive like health. Just trying to be active.  But also trying to be introspective too. It’s hard to find time to meditate but I’ve been trying to at least once a week for 10 - 20 minutes. It’s good for your blood pressure too. 


One more thing about Chantix. The dreams the first week were amazing! They don’t linger around as much as the first week. They were definitely not nightmares. But I can see why they might seem to be. They were more surreal or magical surreal. I actually enjoyed them. From sexual to goofy to magical. It was a week where I had an alternative life.  


The next step is to continue being mindful and work on my triggers.  Last night I went to a friends and went out for tapas and empanadas at an Argentine steakhouse and my mind just thought how great it would be to have a cigarette with a glass of wine and food. Or afterwards.  And I could have really because my quit date is the 16th. But I didn’t want to buy a pack nor start smelling like I smoked again.  I have been enjoying going to bed to the smell of clean laundry. 


Anyhow. Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment or ask any questions or even your suggestions.