Day 8...Some extra inspiration

Blog Post created by emomma25 on Feb 2, 2017

Day 8 today and for anyone who checked in on the comments from my post yesterday likely knows that I had a very near miss.  Enough to scare me straight and feel pretty disappointed in myself even though I didn't smoke.  I thought I would share what is giving me some added strength and resolve today.  A good friend of my sister's has been dealing with liver cancer at 32 years old.  She writes a really awesome blog about her experience that anyone looking for something inspiring to read today can check out at:  https://tumorgetout.wordpress.com/.  Yesterday she had surgery that removed the majority of her liver.  As we all know from watching how our body heals after quitting smoking the human body is an amazing thing.  Hopefully her liver will regenerate in the next 2-3 weeks but she has a long road ahead.  It struck me yesterday that here is someone who has done everything right, eating well, no smoking, gets lots of exercise who is dealing with this nightmare and here I am, blessed with good health that I was willing to potentially put it in jeopardy with cigarettes.  It really struck me yesterday how absolutely ridiculous that is.  Good health, family and life are gifts and not ones to be squandered.  Best to all today on a wonderful, smoke free day, stay strong.