Viral Vent

Blog Post created by elvan on Mar 29, 2020

I am sure most of you are sick of talking about this pandemic, I am just as sick of it as everyone else.  I am MORE sick of the blatant disregard for our fellow humans, those who have compromised health and those who need assistance.  I am sickened by the lack of any toilet paper at any store, brick and mortar or on line.  I cannot believe the selfishness of the people who are hoarding everything like they are "special".  NO ONE should be hoarding ANYTHING, it is sickening to be so incredibly selfish.  I know that some people think this is a media hoax, I am guessing they are not the ones with closets filled with hand sanitizer or alcohol or gloves or masks.  My daughter went to Walmart in western NY State yesterday to pick up some things for the pub she works for.  She said the place was filled with people wearing masks and gloves and glaring at those who were not wearing them.  When she left, she said that she could not believe the parking lot with gloves and masks blowing around.  Apparently, people pull them off when they walk out and then toss them on the ground.  I do believe that my hair stood on end when she told me that.  There are medical providers who cannot get masks and gloves or who are having to use the same mask for an entire shift...the disrespect and disregard for those people is exemplified by this behavior.  So is their ignorance which may supersede everything else.