@youngatheart, another update

Blog Post created by elvan on May 16, 2018

I just spoke to Nancy, she will be moved to a rehabilitation center when they have a bed.  No one from physical therapy showed up today to do any exercises with her so she was not pleased about that but she sounds wonderful otherwise.  She said that her leg is still quite swollen and she feels like a turtle on its back, she can't really move.  I told her I would talk to her tomorrow and that if she moves before I call, to please let me know.  


I passed along the well wishes and prayers from all of you and told her that you, Sootie, would NOT want to be the person in charge of cleaning her house.  She got quite a laugh out of that.  I think that her attitude is wonderful, she would be the kind of patient that everyone would WANT to take care of as opposed to the not so pleasant ones.  


I will keep you in the loop if I hear anything more.


She sends her love.