Worst headache EVER!!!

Blog Post created by elvan on Mar 7, 2018

Yesterday, I had a temperature over 103 that lasted into the night, I could not stop coughing, this very irritating, nonproductive cough that sounded like a goose.  I went to bed last night alternating between chills and sweats and wondering if I had the flu or something else.  I promised I would call my doctor today and I did that.  I woke up with the worst headache I have ever had and I have had migraines so I KNOW a bad headache.  The right side of my face, my teeth or the places where I SHOULD have teeth, the area just below my eyebrow, and one side of my nose…ALL have their own pulses.  I can’t breathe through my nose, nothing is coming out…I think there must be a bunch of infected sinus drainage stuck in there.  I asked the doc if I should go ahead and take the antibiotic they put me on last time I had a sinusitis, they had given me a refill and told me to go ahead and refill it just in case I needed it.  THAT infection got better so I never took it but I have it.  She said to take it and call Friday if I am not better and if the fever is still there, no matter what it is.  I have taken the first dose and will take the second one shortly so I have the best chance of it kicking in.  If I am not around too much, I am holding my head with a hot compress on my sinuses.  This is awful and I can only hope that it lets up soon.  I have taken mucinex, Alka Seltzer Cold & Allergy, something called ACF that my son brought me, and EmergenC.  I am miserable and I have to just try to close my eyes.  Of course, as soon as I do that, something will happen that will either make me get up or I will just go crazier because I can’t breathe through my nose. The GOOD news is that I am not coughing any more...at least I THINK that's good news.


Be well, everyone and DON’T SMOKE, no matter what.  It will NOT help ANYTHING, that is a promise…along with the one that if you are struggling, it WILL get better.