Too tired to think or move any more

Blog Post created by elvan on May 6, 2017

I had a decent day at work but my pain was crazy and it did not let up no matter what I did.  I got home and burst into tears and took my regular evening meds and then pain meds and THEN I realized that I really needed food in order to digest the medication and not vomit.  I went and got something to eat, my back is killing me and I cannot feel the sole of my right foot but my entire right leg feels like it is being crushed.  I walked into my room to eat my little snack and I promptly tripped over the computer power cord which was wound around the oxygen tubing.  I went down, HARD, I hit my left elbow and my forehead and my right knee.  I am a mess.  I starting crying like Lucille Ball did in I Love Lucy, I could not stop, all I could think of was "Oh for crying out loud!"  Then I see Youngatheart.7.4.12's response to a blog with none other than Lucy and MePlus3's title of her blog, "For crying out loud."  Both helped.  I cleaned my bruises...my poor right knee did not need this, my forehead hit  the corner of an open drawer on my dresser, my elbow just somehow broke my fall at least somewhat.  


I have to work again tomorrow and I KNOW that I am pushing too hard and I need to tell my son and daughter in law that this is killing me.  I need the money but what good is that if I come home and cry  myself to sleep after working? I need sleep and I need that more than anything right now.  My alarm is set for tomorrow and, hopefully, I will sleep without any issues.  This back is going to make me crazy and now the forehead, the knee, and the elbow.   Seriously? I will check back in the morning but I am signing off for now and one way or another, I am going to get some rest.


Thanks for Lucy and For Crying Out Loud and all I could think of was Dale telling me that I was watering my cheeks...I turned the TV on to "Tangled"...it is as intellectual as I can stand tonight.