Thank you

Blog Post created by elims-09-14-13 on Nov 13, 2017

My visits are few and far between, and each time I come it seems things have changed a bit around here. A few weeks ago I got a lot of messages...Thank you for celebrating my 1,500 days!


I'm still quit - and actually was VERY surprised to have a smoking dream the other night. Well, there was a pack of cigarettes in my hand in my dream. I can't remember all of it now, they were menthols - not something I usually smoked. Enough to make me wonder the next morning what the heck was going on. But no fear - I'm not going back to smoking. EVER.


I hope this finds you all well and smoke free. It is SO much nicer. I am so glad I figured out (finally) that smoking never helped anything, it did not make anything better or easier. 



I have just not smoked every single day for 1,521 days in a row.