Back & Forth

Blog Post created by dwwms on Apr 7, 2017

Seems as though Spring can't make up its mind here in Western North Carolina. Earlier in the week it was sunny and near 70F. Beautiful - ah, spring is here. Another front rolls in - some rain, then wind quite gusty and 40s today feeling a lot colder with the wind. Even had some snow this morning, nothing that accumulated except in the higher elevations. A couple more cold nights near freezing and then it'll warm up again next week back around 70. Can't wait.


Kind of mirrors where I've been all week. Everything sunny and rosy one day and the next, thoughts of am I going to be able to maintain this quit. No real challenges have occurred - nothing even close to actually considering a puff.


It's the latest strategy from the little monster - let's make him start thinking long term. Does he really think he can deny me forever? Does he really think he can keep up this game over the next month, two months, this summer?


I keep telling him - Not worried about next week, next month, over the summer, only worried about today. And today I'm good. I've started telling more people that I quit to cement it further. Starting off, I only told people close to me - now I'm telling neighbors, co-workers I rarely encounter, even thought about telling people I see smoking that I quit that (haven't gone that far yet - still may though).


Unlike the weather, I've made up my mind. Throw more stuff my way, little monster! I ain't budging!