Blog Post created by donpauli on Aug 6, 2017

So. after getting my second heart stint in five years the Cardiologist said it is time to stop smoking and walk at least 30 minutes a day five days a week. I'm over 120 days without smoking and have been walking six days a week. Saw Dr. Balistreros on Friday. He was pleased but said you don't need to walk more than 30 minutes a day. I told him I was walking much longer on most days because I ENJOY the walk. Do you know the "zone"? Runners talk about getting into the zone when they distance run and I experience the "zone" on my walks. I could go for hours. Lucky to live in Calif. wine country with lots of places to take walks along the vineyards and farms.

Doc did warn me not to smoke just one. That's stinking thinking. I know one would turn to twenty in no time so I won't go down that path at all ever.

Thanks for all your encouragement, it truly helps keep me motivated knowing we have a whole community supporting our efforts and wish for success.  All for know everyone good work.