A little stressed

Blog Post created by desiree465 on Sep 10, 2018

I started school back up August 30th and from this semester on it's all about dental hygiene. I'm loving it but my god is it stressful, if that makes sense. Everything has to be done just the right way including how and when you change in and out of gloves. Yes we have 5 different gloves and a pair you wear to wipe down equipment has to be different the pair you walk around the clinic with, and that pair is different than the pair you wear to write things down and so on lol. AAAHHHHHH. I can't say that I've actually wanted to smoke but I am definitely thinking about it more. Like there is this nagging sensation that I have to do something when I walk out of the building and I know it's lighting up. It's different than when I first quit, which was more of an "I miss lighting up when I walk out of this building".  Well I don't do that anymore and I never will.