Give It Time

Blog Post created by desiree465 on May 5, 2018

It's been awhile since I've posted about any cravings I've had. Mostly because when I have had them they only lasted a few seconds. But yesterday and even a little today I've had more than usual. I will say this though, the cravings and how I view them are different now. I am at 4 months smoke free. They came off and on yesterday but instead of being annoyed that I couldn't satisfy them I realized how much better I've gotten at handling them. It's become second nature to distract myself from them. I no longer have to think of new ways to handle them, if that makes any sense. I am still in NML so I still have to be vigilant about my quit. I'm guessing I can never truly not be though. I'm writing this for any new comers. When I started my quit I felt like those horrible feelings of withdraw were never going to go away especially the depression. It does get better. Even when you do get cravings the way we handle them changes and those feelings of depression and anger do go away. Give it time. I never thought I could quit. I loved loved loved smoking. But I loved being able to laugh and keep my teeth even more so I did it. You all can do this too.