Pro Con List

Blog Post created by desiree465 on Feb 26, 2018

I"m having a hard day today so I'm just going to write a pro con list because I think it might help me see why I'm doing this. 

Con's: Cravings can be intense and uncomfortable, I resent others that smoke because I miss it sometimes, I've had to stop seeing certain people for the time being and I miss them, when the weather was nice last week I couldn't use my porch because I was afraid it would be a trigger, lots of things are triggers and so I have to avoid them, and I want to eat everything in sight but I'm watching my weight.

Pro's: I now don't feel embarrassed about the way I smell, I have saved money, I can run further and faster then I ever have and have even lost weight, I used whitening strips last month and my teeth stayed white, I don't have to hear my husband make snide comments about how much I smoke, I don't have to stand outside in the cold or heat, I'm proud of myself, others are proud of me, my husband quit smoking because I did, I can noticeably breath better, I don't have a horrible taste in my mouth all the time, my car smells clean and is clean, I spent the weekend with my grandparents and actually got to spend the entire weekend with them because I wasn't outside every half hour, when I go to the doctors I won't have to hear the "why you need to quit speech", my nails look a lot better, I'm not exposing anyone to cigarette smoke, when I went to the movies the other day I didn't feel like I was climbing the walls while watching the movie, I don't feel guilty all of the time for hurting myself, my computer no longer stinks, I take my dog on more walks, I completed a 30 day push up challenge that I would have never done before if I didn't need something to do to avoid cravings and I've gotten to enjoy reading about everyone else on here. 


If anyone else wants to chime in go ahead. I think it's good to admit the weaknesses that make quitting difficult and even better to see that the good part of the quit out weighs the bad.