Cravings vs Thoughts

Blog Post created by daverson828 on Aug 22, 2019

84 hours of cold turkey. I knew the cravings would come and could be beat, but I also think about smoking all the time.


For example, we had a good thunderstorm, and I needed to go sit on the porch and smoke!! Now!!! I took deep breaths, recognized this for what it was, grabbed a bucket and went to clean the porch instead. One crave down. Then as I was cleaning the thoughts came: "I'll have to shower when I'm done, I'd smoke before that." "Need more vinegar, I could step out the kitchen door for a puff." "Time to move the chair; how many have I had there?" "Gotta head out to rehearsal soon, it's a two-smoke drive away." And so on. And so on. I cleaned for about an hour, and must have thought about smoking/cigarettes twenty times. 


I don't believe these thoughts are the same as cravings. The crave felt intense and demanding, and honestly made me just about cry to think I'd never sit through a thunderstorm with a cigarette again. The thoughts would just pop into my head and drift away. It's like a little voice that's not there to command or instruct, but just to graciously remind me that tobacco is a thing and smoking exists. Not necessarily hard to ignore, but the frequency is obnoxious. 


This week been rough, but today is better. All the great posts here have helped, and I am very grateful for all of you.