I did it and so can you!

Blog Post created by ctimko on Jul 2, 2019

I quit on March 14th 2015.  I was 62 years old at that time and had been smoking since I was a teen.  It was hard,

but I wanted my health more.  It's been a learning experience for me.  The hardest part for me was losing my social circle of friends and finding my new way of life.  I have gained a few pounds but it's not bad and I'm working on it by eating healthier.  I feel so much better and I don't even think about cigarettes anymore.  It was this site that was my most useful tool.  I truely don't believe I would have made it without this sites support.  I would recommend it to everyone.  When I quit I was smoking 2 pks a day for many years.  I have COPD but it's controlled and I'm not on oxygen.  I work everyday, feel good, and am so glad I quit.   YOU CAN DO IT!!!!