Waiting for Nothing to Happen

Blog Post created by coreinstincts_101 on Aug 4, 2017

Waiting for something that never comes is getting very old to me and discouraging. See I went to court on March 14th for Disability and It is now August 4th 102 working days later with no holidays at all in there. The Judge has passed judgment on cases she heard in April of this year but not mine. I am getting very aggravated and mad we have to have information into them in a timely manner or we lose our case; I can understand the latter part of this, however, the judges should be held to the same standards as us, they are no better than we are, she is no better than I am. I am thinking about doing an article on this subject and going national with it. What do you all think? The process of filing for SSI? How they degrade you and make you wait?

They make you wait just to turn you down and make you fight some more or they make you wait, withholding desperately needed funds from a person. this would be my angle. This is the situation I am in now and I bet I can find more. 

I am tired of hanging in limbo in every aspect of my life; I can handle one but not all aspects; like with not smoking your life hangs in limbo until you get into the habit of not smoking and kick the habit altogether. Life is supposed to be full of trials and this one for me has gone on long enough I think. They say "Good things happen to people that can wait and be patient" I have been patient long enough.

I am sorry for sounding like a spoiled child having a tantrum and saying it over and over again but I am mad; actually, I am more than mad but with being censored that is what I will put lol.

Lee 17 DOF