Double Digits

Blog Post created by coreinstincts_101 on Jul 28, 2017

Wow, I never thought I would make it this far, let alone one day. However; double digits are very pleasing to me, 10 days, I cannot believe it. There are new studies out there that suggest that people who vap have much more success with the quit and I believe it because if it wasn't for my vap there was no way I could have made it this far. I know everyone's quit is different but if you are struggling with your quit and just can't seem to stay off the cigarettes then you really need to try the vap and patch together and maybe a med. That is how I started out and then stopped using the patch. Soon I will be weaned off the medications and then I will just be on the vap alone and then I get rid of that. 


I have 10 days of freedom from the harmful cigarettes and chemicals they put in them and my addiction is well under way to being retrained; if I can do it after 30 years of smoking and I am only 46 years old anyone can do it.





E-cigarettes DO help smokers quit - and more should switch to vaping 'for the sake of their health', study finds