Hey All

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Dec 14, 2019

Just checking in to let all of  you know I'm still here and have 138 DOF. I never thought I would skip even 1 day of being here, reading blogs and sharing my experience, strength and hope for the newcomers. When I first quit. I talked about being off my bipolar depression meds. I didn't go into why and I'm not going to now because it's too long and involved, but it really wasn't my choice. Somehow, even though I was very depressed and highly anxious, I managed to quit smoking. I "went" someplace mentally with this quit that, even though I can't quite explain it, I was able to quit in spite of that and going through 1 crisis after the other. My other big symptom is chronic insomnia. Well, a few weeks ago, it all caught up with me, and I stopped functioning well. I am waiting to get in to see a psychiatrist (after the 1st of the year was the best they could do-isn't 2019 healthcare grand?), and my primary Dr. prescribed 1 of the 2 meds I need so I am feeling somewhat better but still sleeping poorly.


The important thing is I didn't feel it was necessary to smoke. Smoking wouldn't have helped anything. My husband celebrated 1 month free this past week. I'm a little peeved because it was so much easier for him lol. Not really, I'm grateful that we are both free from smoking. The money saved when 2 people quit is a car payment lol-not that we're in the market-but it's very noticeable every week.


God bless,