Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jun 8, 2018

That's right friends, 4 DOF. I did not want to say anything here until I had a few days under my belt. I have come here so often with my plan and, then, didn't even make it through day 1. The difference this time is I'm using chantix instead of the patch. I smoked so much with the patch on I think is stopped working for me.


I'm excited about the chantix. It helps with the mental aspects of this addiction but not the physical so this week has been an up and down struggle. I knew what to expect though and I'm just to cheap to waste that $60.00 co-pay I spent on the chantix lol. Seriously though, I had got myself sicker this summer with the NC humidity, than I've ever been before. I constantly felt as if I was breathing through a straw for about 6 wks and yet, I kept smoking. What a horrible addiction!


I'm just looking forward to getting through hell week and I'm glad to be back.