3rd week

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jul 30, 2017

I am on day 21!!! YAY. I still make my daily pledge here as well as to God. I really believe I have to stay accountable to him!! The mornings are still the hardest for a few hours but I stay distracted on the computer. After that passes my days are pretty good. The other day I got a huge craving getting into my car. I always lit a cig. 1st thing when I got in my car. It passed within a couple of minutes as I started driving. I've been pretty sick. I've had severe nausea after eating and the prescription the Doc gave me caused dry eye which I already had so I went back to the primary and eye Dr. last week and I think we've finally got it straighteded out. The pneumonia I got 2 mo. ago is still showing on my x-rays so I'm having a CAT scan tomorrow to see if it's still infection or scar tissue. They will also check my nodule which normally wouldn't be due until Oct. I'm going to upstate NY for 10 days to visit my boys, their other halves and meet my granddaughter (due 9/10) so I don't dare smoke for fear of getting sick again. I think I'll be okay if I keep doing what I'm doing and dealing with the mornings knowing they'll get easier and the occasional harsh craving lasting just a couple of minutes. I have never had an infection before and the Dr. told me that even though it was community aquired,it was probably due to smoking. He also said with my level of copd, I simply don't have room for pneumonia. I have a lot more fear about smoking now than in the past so hopefully that will also keep me from relapsing.