Question for our resident expert on copd and more

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Mar 22, 2017

I just read a report on copd. net about chiropractic care for copd to reduce impairment and improve overall prognosis. It states "manipulation of the spine and soft tissue increases range of motion in joints to reduce muscle spasticity for easier breathing and less work for respiratory muscles causing less shortness of breath." This is controversial and should be discussed with your Dr. or pulmonologist. Another expert states that "some studies have shown improvement in forced vital capacity, walking and lovels of shortness of breath" I'm wondering if anyone here is working with a chiropractor and if it's been beneficial.


I've been thinking about something I learned yrs. ago when quitting drinking. "Run that tape all the way through" Our addiction likes to romance it. Back then my mind didn't go to the consequences but rather to the time when I was in my 20's and drinking was fun. We do this when we write out list of reasons why we want to quit smoking but do we always go back to it when those thoughts of "how nice a cigarette would be right now with my morning coffee. I've learned to run the tape all the way through every time those kinds of thoughts enter my head. I ask myself do I really want to have that tight chest and difficulty breathing with coughing? The increasing flare-ups I have every year? I actually have a savings account right now and bought myself a nice bag and shoes. Do I want to go back to being broke because it takes all my money to smoke? The answer, when I run that tape, is always NO. By the way, my O2 sats are now 98%-they are consistently 93% when I smoke and go into the 80's when I have a flare-up so I feel truly blessed.


It is taking me 3 days to clean my house for a partial spring clean and my son's visit. To think I use to do construction cleans! But, because of copd, my   energy level is very low. It's dispicable(sp?) how I let smoking do this to my body for so long!