thoughts appreciated

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Mar 13, 2017

I'm hoping for input on this. I am having my right eye cataract removed on Wed. I will not know the time to be there util afternoon tomorrow. I let the outpatient surgery know how I felt about that about 3 different times. It doesn't matter so much to me but my friend who is driving me because my husband (Scott) couldn't get the 2 days off from work. 1 for the surgery and 1 for the post-op appointment. Anyway, my dilemma is they told me to take my nicotine patch off tomorrow night at midnight. Since I've had several relapses with previous quits because of not using the patch as directed, I've decided to just take it off prior to leaving my house. The way I understand it, this surgery is about as risky as having a tooth pulled. I told the nurse about the severity of my COPD and she said it was policy for all their surgeries so I'm throwing it out there-what do you guys think?