21 DOF - I really want a cigarette!

Blog Post created by cfbays on Nov 8, 2019

I’m sitting here in Burger King full as a tic. Just put away a double whopper, onion rings, and a large orange Vanilla Coke. Before coming to Burger King I went to Kohl’s and got a couple of sweaters and 2 pair of slacks; my way of rewarding myself for not smoking. I’m using the money I would normally spend on cigarettes.


Everything seem to be good. However, on the inside all day long off and on I have been craving to smoke a cigarette. I don’t entertain the thought; I just remind myself why I quit and say, “N.O.P.E.” I tell myself that’s not what I do anymore. Soon after the craving goes away only return hours later like an annoying little brother. Only worse because this stalker wants to kill me. He wants me to throw away 21 DOF all just to puff on some smoke from a burning plant. Wow! Really! The sad part is a small part of me wants to do it and sickens me.


Well, I decided to pick up my phone and do what I’m doing know. Write about it. What you are reading  now is the result of my stupid addiction to cigarettes  calling and stalking me. I know I got this! I know I can do this! I just wish I didn’t want to puff the smoke from the burning plant!


cfbays 21DOF