Holding My Breath

Blog Post created by c2q on Apr 6, 2017

If you still smoke, I wish for you that you quit. I wish for the kid driving by who sees you on the street and copies you that you quit. You breath in over 4000 chemicals when you smoke. When you exhale, you breathe some of those chemicals out, into my air. So I wish for me that you quit.


But I'm not holding my breath. You will quit for your own reasons, or you won't. I will be here to support and cheer you on if you do, but the decision to quit is yours alone.


While you make your decision, think about the act of holding your breath. Some researchers say that how long you can hold your breath is a measure of how well your lungs are working to draw in the oxygen you need in exchange for the carbon dioxide you don't need. In a research test a few years ago, the average adult smoker could hold their breath for 28 seconds. The average adult non-smoker could hold their breath for 47 seconds. That almost 70% longer. 


Like any research, not everyone agrees. Some researchers say that how long you can hold your breath is really a measure of how well you deal with stress. This doesn't change the fact that on the average, non-smokers can hold their breath almost 70% longer than people who smoke.


Hopefully, it took you at least 3 minutes to read this blog. That means whatever you believe about holding your breath, I have written enough to distract you from at least one cigarette.


I can hold my breath for 49 seconds. How about you?