Quitting is like your kid coming home with lice!

Blog Post created by brittneyd.rice on Jan 13, 2020

Let me paint the picture for those who have never had to endure the pain of a child coming home from school with head lice. My home is clean, I am a very clean and organized person... Prior military. My child came home and wouldnt stop scratching her head so as a concerned parent I look at her scalp thinking she got bit or something...


Day 1 of quitting smoking/finding the lice. You do everything you're supposed to do. Go to the store, get the essentials, freaking out the entire time but determined. Come home, take care of business by cleaning, laundry, scrubbing heads, whatever it takes to irradicate this terrible problem... Stay busy all day but you dont sleep very well because thoughts of crawling things keep you up.


Day 2: as you go through the day you feel pangs of skin crawls and they dont seem to slow down. I feel like i cant sit still but the more I move around the more I'm reminded of this awful thing lurking. Never the less I press on and keep cleaning! Still dont sleep very well.


Day 3: tired but feeling like maybe I've got this...


Day 4: I thought wrong! Exhausted and want it to be officially over all ready! ONE MINUTE AT A TIME, KEEP BREATHING!


I'm only a couple of hours into day 4 but wowza this has been a tough day. I havent thought about wanting to smoke but my brain keeps telling me its time to smoke and the only thing I can compare it to is my skin crawling like it did when I thought about catching lice from my kid. Every time I told myself no, it just physically doesnt feel good. 


All of my previous attempts I would scour this site hoping to find how I would feel each day. Ive actually only made it this far one other time.  Now my little comparison is silly, I know, because quitting is so important and difficult, i dont mean to make light of it. Just for information... The experience was very hard on me emotionally lol! Thanks for listening to my rant!