What's causing it?

Blog Post created by brittann3 on May 11, 2017

I've been on here a little more today than I have in a while. I'm trying to stay connected and relevant and I know that my pregnancy and baby chatter isn't quite relevant to what this site is for. I've come across a few blogs and posts from members I've known since I've been here who are struggling in their quits and I am curious as to what is causing these struggles for so many.

I am only 6 months into my quit and pregnant on top of that... the risk of relapse is still there for me, I know, regardless of that and if I weren't pregnant I could see me being "seduced" by the pretty weather, and spending time outdoors, and how that could cause me to relapse. I am in no way saying I am immune to a relapse. However, I am curious of how this progression occurs. I've had thoughts of smoking, sure. But I don't have any cigarettes available. I've had a friend stay with me and saw her cigarettes on the table and thought back to the last time she visited and how we sat outside smoking and talking and drinking for hours and how I missed that. I've thought it sure. But wonder how the act itself happens. Are the cigarettes easily accessible and this is causing so many strong people to fall? Or are the urges so strong they find themselves in their vehicle having just gone into a gas station and bought a pack?? If I made it that far I'd probably go through with it myself.

I feel so much better not smoking and I know those who have quit and relapsed felt the exact same way I do now... so what happened?? I want to understand it so I can avoid it in a year or two or three. I want to always remember that cigarettes do nothing for me and that urges are nothing more than tugs at memories that bring pleasing feelings. It's the moment itself that's pleasing and that made me happy. Not the cigarette in the memory. Is this happening to people over a period of time in their quit? Is their resolve weakening day after day or is it more sudden than that? Is there anything specific to look out for?


What are everyone's thoughts on this?