Doggies and kitties

Blog Post created by beccalynn35 on Apr 12, 2017

So i recently got a new job pet sitting. Its been really fun and is perfect for me because of my social anxiety. This place is also perfect for my social anxiety. 

Today I met a beautiful long haired kitty and he was so cuddly! I wanted to stay with him all night and just pet and cuddle him, but i couldn't because I had to go to another house to play with some lab puppies ( such a rough job!). 

Any way, its a trigger driving to smoke from house to house, but i think how great it is that im not stinking to these cute furry animals, and walking into these nice houses smelling either. 

I mean, cuddling that cat after a cig would be horrible... and those precious pups too. 

Today was a awesome day. I went smoke free and got lots of love.

Peace to you all