Landscaping, Writing, and Smoking

Blog Post created by backyardwork on Jul 12, 2017



I'm new to this community. I hope to learn a lot and quickly become an EX myself. I find it hard to quit smoking especially when I'm with friends and drinking. I'm sure some of you feel the same way.


Anyway, a little bit about me. I work as a part-time blogger and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I have to do a lot of work, such as writing, and I tend to smoke more when I'm writing.


I'm also working part-time at a local landscaping company.


I smoke about 10 cigarettes per day. Sometimes, I smoke 1 cigarette twice so I don't smoke too many in a day. I wonder how many of EX members buy 100s cigarettes (that are longer) just because they could smoke them twice.


I would like to know EX members who work from home or currently stay at home. Do you smoke more than you would if you were working in an office?


I'm trying to blog regularly and be active in this community. Good night and talk soon.