Day 300

Blog Post created by bacardigirl on Jul 28, 2017

Thank you all that reached out to me today to celebrate my 300 days of freedom! I am so very blessed to have found this site, it has made the difference. I feel different, I feel supported in a way I never have before. You all have my back and have held my hand every step of he way ( whether you've known it or not). Even the newbies and NMLers-reading their blogs have given me fresh inspiration to keep walking forward. Smoking is in my past and sheesh-I don't do that anymore!

I am so very happy to say that my husband is also on his day 300. It has not always been easy, however it has been worth it. 

A BIG thank you to everyone on this site, from the elders to the newbies-you all have affected my journey in one  at or another. Keep blogging-you just never know who you will touch along the way.