Smoking and the loss of skin elasticity

Blog Post created by avian3 on Mar 2, 2020

I have been lucky since I quit smoking as far as my teeth are concerned. I only needed regular cleanings and a couple of fillings in the last 10 years. After breaking two teeth a couple weeks ago I now have many visits with the dentist over the next couple of months.


During this mornings visit as he had the side of my mouth stretched out to get to a molar, I began thinking about this. After half an hour I really started to worry if my mouth would stay stretched out in that position, It wasn't until he took his fingers out of my mouth and I closed my mouth he said to me "You can close your mouth now" I knew I was doomed.


Just kidding about that but I did think about how my skin has lost elasticity from smoking and age. I'm sure my mouth didn't pop back into shape as quickly as when I was younger.


If for no other reason, quit smoking before sagging and wrinkles begin to appear.