I'm a nervous wreck!

Blog Post created by autumnpepper on Nov 15, 2018

I am losing it!  I can't believe my son is letting Ryan's mom move back in!  The same mom that said she would sign her rights away if it meant she wouldn't have to pay child support!  The same mom that ran off with Ryan and had him living in the car!  The same mom that he had to legally evict to get her to leave when she was never was a tenate!  Never paid a dime rent cause they were a couple.  The same mom who has mental problems and drug problems.  The same mom that has broken his computer, about 5 phones, windows, car windows, air-conditioners, (anything of value he had).  


I am so tempted to smoke right now!  It's all I can do to keep from getting in my car and going to buy a pack!!!  


I know he's an adult and  can make his own decisions.  I'm just so worried about Ryan!  I kept him Friday and he was in a really foul mood.  He was hitting me and trying to pull my neckless (which he knows not to do).  When I changed his diaper he was trying to kick me!  I thought maybe he was really tired or something.  After he got up he was fine back to his normal behavior.  Then I find out he had been around his mom again!  


I just talked to my son.  I told him how I felt. That he wasn't thinking about his children.  I told him he needs to put them first. I also told him I love him and I, of course, will no matter what he decides. 


I'm a mess!  A nervous wreck!  But I'm not smoking!


Thank you for reading