While everyone around me succeeded still I failed

Blog Post created by autumnpepper on Oct 7, 2018



I had, and still have  fibromyalgia and all that comes with that.  Which is so much.  But that's for another support group.  Anyway, I went to my neurologist, after waiting 6 months for an appointment.  I told him how bad my chest was hurting.  He said you tell me you have chest pain and you smoke!  Quit smoking and come back in 6 months.  I left there in tears.  At that time I was still working.  My chest hurt so much I had to hold it when I spoke.  The vibration of my voice hurt so much.  So, I come home and tell hubby what the doctor said.  So the next day in support of me he quit smoking.  He just made the decision and threw them down and that was it.  I did quit long enough to go back to the Dr.  He then gave me lidocaine injections in my chest.  That really helped.  Then of course I started smoking again. 


Years later my daughter and son in law decided to quit.  First my daughter quit.  After a year she saved so much money she bought herself a brand new Mustang!  Then my son in law quit.  He got a new Silverado!  They all to this day, are non smokers!  


I must be seriously thick in the head!


 Anyway, long story a little less long, I've continued to smoke all these years later.  Everyone around me quit!  Successfully! And yet here I am.  

I've made a quit date, Oct 18th.  I know finally that I can't quit by slowing down.  I have to once and for all throw them down. No excuses! NOPE!