Small victories!

Blog Post created by autumnpepper on Oct 7, 2018

So I'm sitting in the parking lot of Best Buy waiting for my grandsons to come back out to the car.  We just got out of church at 12:00 and have to go back to church at 1:00 for a funeral of a wonderful lady whom I will dearly miss.  So........ you know what I'm thinking.... I could have a cigarette while I wait.  But I didn't.  Because I didn't want to smell like smoke at the funeral. So yeah me!  I blogged instead!    

My quit date is October 18th.  I'm already thinking differently.  I told a friend at church about this site.  She hasn't smoked for almost a week.  She said she didn't think she needed any help.  So I told her how she can come here and help someone else by sharing her quit. She then asked me again what the name of be the site was.  Maybe I'll see her on here someday.