3 years quit!

Blog Post created by ash2lar on Apr 2, 2019

Hello there!


         I reached my 3 year milestone on March 29th! And after the last year with all the stress we've had, I'm very proud of myself. Although, I've been SOOO tempted to buy. that pack of cigarettes many times. I really miss it. Stopped drinking wine every night in January- now, it's pretty rare!


         My daughter Jessica is getting married next month in Wisconsin, so I've been trying to keep busy, but it's hard to do much when you live so far away. But we did get to pick out her dress together- went to Wilmington and after 9 tries, found the perfect dress..


         Seeing lots of medical providers for various and sundry ailments, nothing serious, just annoying.. Greg's still smoking, not much..I just ignore it..


         I don't want to go through the quitting process all over again, although I really got through that easier than most. Other than slight weight gain, I really didn't have a lot of symptoms. But I wasn't a heavy smoker, either, maybe 1/2 PPD. To all this just starting to quit, be patient and take it one day/hour/minute at a time. Eventually, you'll not even think about it. And you'll feel so much better! Remember, smoking doesn't make anything better!