Day 5

Blog Post created by arobertson337 on Jan 21, 2018

Winding down on Day 5. Morning didn't go as planned. Overslept so missed my Zumba class, but I still got dressed and walked for 3 miles (1 hour) on the treadmill. While on the treadmill watched some success stories on youtube (thanks maryfreecig!) Ate breakfast and brewed some tea. Got some work done. Had a lot of cravings, but I drank a lot of ice water and did some stretches and deep breathing. After dinner, I've been trying to keep busy reading, watching youtube, listening to music and doing crossword puzzles. Had to turn off my music because I started feeling sad and my mind was all over the place and started thinking about smoking more. So got on here and started reading posts and saw the Alphabet post and saw the next letter was R. First thing that came to mind was Resilience : keeping strong through rough patches and coming back stronger than ever. So I posted and started to write my blog. I was on my phone trying to do this, and then I hit the wrong button and lost everything. That got me irritated, but I just drank some more ice water, and came downstairs to go on the computer to post this. See? Resilient. HAHA! But seriously. Today might not be that rough, but it is still a battle. And I gotta remember to keep moving forward no matter what.


Tomorrow I'm going to watch football with some good friends. This will be the first time I've seen them since I quit, so I'm excited to share the news. They are all non-smokers. I'm the last of our group to quit smoking. (I have 2 other friends who still smoke so I don't know when I'm going to be okay to see them again.) Anyways, we're planning a trip to Vancouver in June, so that's something to look forward to!


Like Dory says, "Just Keep Swimming!"