Day 2

Blog Post created by arobertson337 on Jan 18, 2018

Another day won. It seems the hardest part is after work. The drive is where I feel like I have to do the most crave-fighting. I have Jolly Ranchers, cashews, and music to help. I also have to talk myself down from going to the store to buy cigs. I just focused on getting home and did a lot of deep breathing. Then at home it's the down-time and after dinner (was thinking of a cig as I was eating! shook my head that I even thought of that and reminded myself I don't do that anymore!) Been drinking lots of ice water and just keeping myself occupied. 


I am so grateful for those that read my blog yesterday and commented with their support and advice. It was great to get a jolt of inspiration during low times. Got lots of ideas and readings to do to work on adding to my quit plan. I'm going to try some meditation tonight and go to bed early.