Stay Strong

Blog Post created by annams on Jun 19, 2018

I’m only 73 days free but I can tell you that it does get better. It’s a real struggle for me, I use to smoke two and a half packs a day. I couldn’t afford it but I had to have them so I started rolling my own to cut the cost. I’m still discussed with myself when I think about it. I couldn’t see myself ever quiting. Even developing COPD didn’t stop me. 

Then I got the wake up call that saved my life. My man bought me an iPad so I could chat face to face with my kids and grandchildren. I was so proud of myself for learning about this stuff ( at 63 years old ) until I got a good look at myself as other people saw me on that screen..... who is that sickly looking person? Is that me doing all that coughing and labored breathing? My oxygen level is already up to four leders.... I had to decide myself that I wanted to live. To be able to know my grandchildren and my great granddaughter. This particular chat was my son telling me that I have yet another grandson on the way. .... I knew I had to quit smoking but I didn’t want to be hounded about it. I did it quietly and alone, with my man sworn to secrecy and agreeing that he’d smoke outside. ( he’s adamant that he’s not going quit) and here I am now two and a half months free. It’s still a struggle sometimes but my family now knows and they’ve been so supportive and proud of me .... this is my strength to carry on. I’m even feeling better about the way I look and sound. The bags under my eyes are about gone as are some wrinkles on my face. My breathing has improved. Down to 3 Lts. So my advice to anyone who is listening is... hang tough, stay the course, it’s gonna get better.