Update on Nephew

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Mar 24, 2019

Today is Jeff's 38th birthday~ 

I sent him an Easter floral gift for Rebirth, Renew, I pray he is here for  his 39th Birthday.  (tears of hope flow
down my face).

There is not much left of Jeff...But, he smiled in delight for his celebration of turning 38 today.
He is very weak, very sick, in ICU., again!!  Not  a good outcome.... He has been very ill since Christmas.  He missed Christmas, they induced a coma on him, while detoxing off Alcohol and Tubing to breathe, He also has Jaundice.
His liver is shot.  He needs a kidney.. Not sure what the hold up is with that.  Everyone one of us in the fam. Is more that ready to give him one?

  Miracles happen everyday right?

Prayers please