Listening To Hypnosis CD

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Mar 15, 2018

 Another very rough DOF for me today.   It's easier if I don't keep count.  Sometimes moments feel like eons or days...

Anyway listened to the Alan Carr CD that came with the book. Didn't know I was getting a CD, with book.  God send that I did.

I think it may be an hour long or close to.  It is a HYPNOSIS CD.  I have listened to it when I really need to clam down.  It says  even if I fall asleep listening, the message is being heard in my memory.    That's good!  I have yet to hear every single sentence.  I NOD OFF!  
It does work, helps so much, I believe.

Hoping one day I'll hear the whole CD.  Excellent CD to relax and nod off to.   That being said, for those who have NOT been hypnotized,  when it says wake UP!  I always do.    It's better than meditation I think.   Meditation is awesome too!

Thanks for the 3 word story today needed those giggles, and whatever else you wonderful people put in it.