Taking out the trash

Blog Post created by alysonoholic on Oct 15, 2018

Yesterday I walked my trash and recycling to the dumpsters. That may be normal for you but I've actually been driving it over since I moved into this complex because they are halfway across our entire complex so they've really seemed soooo very far away and I usually have a few heavy-ish bags to take over. Recently I decided that I am going to walk it over as soon as I have a full bag so it's out of my hair and I can get a little extra exercise while I am at it.


Today marks 30 days since I have had a cigarette or alcohol. I mostly quit drinking because I knew how vulnerable I am to "social smoking" but now it just feels...right, I guess. Saturday night I went to a big ol' party where I didn't know very many people but I wasn't as anxious as I usually am going in and when I did start to think about bailing I went to my car, did a quick guided meditation and just got my ass back in that moment. Sunday morning I woke up to Bread and the beautiful sun with a weird sense of accomplishment and absolutely no regrets. It feels like another form of taking out the trash, really...


I'm doing really well, friends, and I am increasingly excited about how awesome my life is and can be as a non-smoker. 


I hope all of you are safe and sound today and I am popping in here to thank you for helping me reach my 30 days again! I'm sure I'll be here regularly as I trek through NML.