The silent whisper

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Jun 6, 2017

Well I am now officially 5 months free of cigarettes but not yet fully free to the silent and very dangerous whisper of the dying smokers brain, this weekend the old brain whispered "Ag go on have one or just smoke again its ok you have healed and its not that bad" I stood there in my yard almost believing that voice for about a minute then i was like get the hell out of hear there is no way I am going to do that!!! 


This my friends is the very real and dangerous silent whisper of your old smoker self trying to convince you that smoking wasn't harmful and you can start again with no consequence and oh how wrong could you be. At this time in my quit I feel so much healthier I can breathe so much easier I no longer have that hacking cough walking is easy again hell I can run after my 6 year old and not wheeze after 10 meters, and here in lies the power of that sneak attack of the silent crave it whispers to you stops you in your tracks and you actually say "hmmmmm well yes i could just try one there will be no harm" luckily in my journey i have consciously identified and acknowledged each crave from severe to very slight this gave me the power to breath and beat them. 


Beware in NML and TDC you are now vunerable to the silent whisper crave know it will come and when it does stamp it out like the smelly cigarette butt it is. Onwards and upwards 


Not one puff EVER again