100 Days TDC membership

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Apr 13, 2017

So here we are in the TDC club what a great feeling. When I started this journey it seemed impossible to me the first 2 days were rough the smokers brain nagging to just have one puff but 2 weeks later I was starting to feel the effects of not smoking on my body being able to breathe deeper not huffing and puffing climbing the stairs at home and now more recently walking the entire zoo from 10am to 15h30 without even tiring what an amazing feeling walking around the zoo my daughter on my shoulders lovely smiles even mom only smoked 3 times that day. i am still hoping that she will quit one day. There has been some sad news though that my brother and sister in law and their 2 kids are immigrating to Australia and are flying out on the 30th of April so very emotional time ahead but this being said my birthday is coming up on the 22nd and all the family have surprised me that they are coming to visit so is going to be a very special time. This emotional time would have been a big smoking time for me using it as a crutch to get through the stress but now 100 days in I dont need those cancer sticks to cope I have realised that I am strong I control my emotions and I choose to be healthy although sad but healthy. For those of you just starting your quit keep strong keep pushing say to yourself just for today just for this next hour I will not smoke and watch you will get there you can do this reward yourself with better lung capacity, the joy of getting healthy not stinking like cigarettes all the time. Embrace your quit enjoy it God bless