Day 17 - I slept the last several days

Blog Post created by aaron.allred4891 on Aug 7, 2020

Hey everyone,


I know I haven't really been around on here lately.  I have been so tired over the past couple days and just couldn't bring myself out of bed.  I didn't feel depressed, just really tired.  My husband switched to a vaping pen and is no longer smoking cigarettes, and he's got a plan to go down over a period of time.  Glad he's trying something.  He said he can smell more this morning.  I on the other hand have slept so much I feel groggy and sleepy still.   Trying to get motivated to get some stuff done around the house and maybe even cut the grass today.  Been dreaming a lot too.  Anyways, sorry I have been a little absent the past couple days.  I'm back though and still smoke free. 


Aaron 17 DOF