Quit Date and my history on smoking

Blog Post created by Zmonez on Jul 9, 2019

I've set my quit date to July 23, 2019 and I'm so ready for that date.

I plan to cut back my smoke breaks from minute intervals, to half hour intervals, to full hour intervals, making myself wait to light again.

Im 21 years old and I've smoked for about 2 months... Not a long time but I have become addicted, so I decided to quit... I picked a date that I could ease into and then fully quit which is what will work for me. I'm trying to cut back my cigarette intake like I said before so I schedule my smoke breaks. I am so excited for my quit date. I have the want to quit now but I know I'd never make it so my plan is really helpful. Thank you to EX for the best website to quit.