A Holiday is Coming!  A Holiday is Coming!

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Nov 27, 2019

Hopefully wonderful food  and friends or family are in your forecast.  But - be aware that if you are early in your quit, or even in your first one-two years, cravings can happen.  BIG cravings!  It takes a bit for us to adjust to associations and triggers we have not had a lot of practice relearning.  The stress of family gatherings, the group outside after dinner catching up, even the food can remind us of our smoking days, and bring back faded memories of what we believed were the joys of smoking  If you add alcohol to the mix, you are asking for trouble.


Have a plan what you will do if this happens.  Will you find a quiet spot and take some slow, deep breaths?  Might you go for a quick walk?  Have a plan to leave early if it gets too difficult? 


Be prepared, not surprised!  A quit is a terrible thing to lose!